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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beyond School Blog

Whoa, what an impressive blog. So many things to look at and some brilliant ideas for my blog (if I can work out how to do them). I feel using blogs would be a great idea with school students. It could almost be used as a diary substitute- maybe teachers can add to all student's blogs stating the homework (with relevant references, videos, photos etc attached) each day??? This would definitely make itmore interesting, especially having the capability of watching utube videos. It would also require the students to be aware of technology that is available these days.

Technology has changed soooo much since I was at school. Never would I have thought Prep students, as my son now is, would be having computer classes at his age. It is so exciting for them and they are happy they now know what mum and dad can do on the computer. Little do they realise just how reliant they will become of compters. I am learning so much at the moment with this course and I felt, until 3 weeks ago, that I already had a good grasp of using computers (but obviously not all applications), my mind boggles as to how much my children have to learn. It is wonderful seeing computers and ICTs being usd in schools these days as they really engage students. They are obtaining numerous skills that they will need to use throughout life.

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