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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I really enjoyed Sir Ken Richardson's video. It made me think back to my schooling and the amount of emphasis my parents (& those of my friends) placed on acadenic achievement. I wonder how many of us never went on to excel in areas like music, art, drama, sport etc????? Most of us were "talked out" of doing these subjects as they weren't regarded as important enough to "get you a job". Things have definitely changed and I have learnt that if there is one thing I can give my children, it is the opportunity to pursue all their interests (within reason- not too sure about sky-diving and other high risk activities!!!). We as parents and teachers need to encourage children to "have a go" at most things so they can decide what they like and also tell them it is ok to not like something

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  1. Howdy Emma,

    totally agree with what you wrote about giving our children all of the opportunities possible. I suppose the only restraints are time and money. I have a wife that spoils me with opportuninties like sky-diving and flying in micro- lights, I know I am a much better person for doing these activities :-)

    Michael Prim F/T


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