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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Interactive Whiteboards- wish I had them when at school

I wish Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs)were around when I was in school. They are amazing and hope I get to experience using them on one of my prac placements. From the videos we can see IWBs:
1. Have unlimited uses and it is wonderful seeing children getting excited and aching to have a turn using one.
2. Encourage shy students to "come out of their shell"
3. Technology is all in one place
4. Can be used as a revision tool
5. Result in students becoming competitive with themself and others
6. Can be used for literacy, numeracy, music and spelling tests
7. Engage students and they want to be involoved
8. Develop a "Community of practice"
9. Hands-on, student-centred learning
10. "makes ordinary teaching extraodinary"

My only concern is the time it will take me to learn how to use an IWB??? At least I will know many other ICTs I can used in the classroom, so I won't need to worry about learning these from scratch before employing them.


  1. Hi Emma

    I wish my schools had interactive white boards when I was at school too. I saw my first IWB when I visited my placement school. My mentor teacher gave me a quick rundown on how to use the board. He told me that they're quite easy to use and really enhance the whole learning experience. No more running to the photocopier and searching through piles of OHT sheets.Just turn on your laptop and you're ready to go.

  2. Hi Josh,
    My EPL has IWBs too. I have had a quick look at one and seen how my MT uses one in class to engage the students. There are heaps of great interactive programs thta are available which I plan on using during this term.


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