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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

RSS Aggregator

I can't believe it- I managed to link my colleagues blogs to mine. Mind you, I still need to wait until someone does an update to see if it works. I tried this 2 days ago but gave up as I was having trouble understanding what I needed to do. Today I am so happy I have worked it out!!!! I am slowly feeling more confident with blogging and what we can do with our blogs. Hopefully by using ICTs in school and telling students "to have a go" (like Scot has suggeted to me in tutes), they will be able to enjoy the feeling of succeeding when trying ICTs for the first time.

This would definitely be helpful when teaching students and keeping up to date with what is on their blog and how they are finding a particular subject. Some students may be uneasy or embarressed talking directly to the teacher about problems they may be having in class and this may be a useful tool for them to use.


  1. Isn't this new technology we are learning exciting. Image how exciting we can make our classes if we embrace this. It is wonderful to see the excitement on a persons face when they have successfully used the technology for the first time.

  2. Look at how far we have come since that night we sat together trying to figure out Mahara! We didn't think we would do very well but we are now bloggers with a wiki.


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