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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Powerpoint (slideshare) in schools

I have spent the last day preparing a powerpoint on "Skin Cancer". This could be used for primary school students.

At my previous place of work I often used powerpoint for giving presentations, but this was my first time using the 2007 version. I found it very easy to navigate around and had "fun". The time-consuming part, for this activity, was finding the information and photos.

For use in schools, I think powerpoint is and excellent tool. Especially for keeping students engaged in the subject matter. However, I do not feel (from experience) all teachers have time to incoporate fancy animations all the time. It is good to know they are there and available to use, and if the need arises I will definitely use them. For schools where there are Heads of Department, with all unit and lesson plans prepared and shared, there may be the time and inclination to spend more time preparing an animated powerpoint knowing it will be used again and again.

My powerpoint presentation is attached. I only used some animations, but they may not be accessible through my blog.

Notes from Don McMillan's video
Mistakes people make with Powerpoint are people...
1. Use too many works
2. Have spelling errors
3. Use bad colour schemes
4. Too many slides- less is better
5. Too much data- the effectiveness of the slide decreases
6. Use Times New Roman (the default font)
NB: Animations are good for visual learners.

Powerpoint is useful students when they are donating (presenting) their findings to another group (possibly outside of their classroom).

In order to upload my powerpoint presentation to my blog, I had to use slideshare. Slideshare converts powerpoint presentations to a video file that can be embedded into a blog. There is a very easy step-by-step guide for using this technology and it took me very little time to figure it out. Before I knew it my powerpoint presentation was in my blog!


Kearsley, G, and Shneiderman, B. (1999) Engagement Theory: A framework for technology-based teaching and learning.


  1. Hi Emma

    I thought you chose an important topic for your power point. It’s a relevant issue for Australian schools and not every school enforces the sun protection policy. I noticed that most primary schools make sure that students are wearing hats etc, but high schools don’t seem to really worry about it.

  2. Hi Emma,

    Great Powerpoint. I was impressed that you focused on an issue that is prevalent today - for today's children.

    You may get a chance to use this PPT in your teaching career.


  3. Hi Sally,
    Thanks for your comment. I wanted to do a powerpoint presentation that is relevant for today and may be able to be used at the start of a school year to remind children to "slip, slop, slap".


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