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Photo courtesy of Flickr. Retreived 11th April 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My experience with Flickr

Today I have investigated Flickr which is a website for saving and editing photos. It took some time for me to find my way around the website and then choose a photo to post to my blog. The one I chose makes me feel relaxed and also brings me back to reality as these poor creatures are under threat of extinction. :-( Often I get so caught up with the GDLT course I forget about other important issues going on in the world around us.

I found it difficult to work out how best to incorporate this photo and I am still not happy with the way I did this... However, I do not have the time at the moment to keep experimenting.

I, like Susan (and Natalie), do not feel comfortable publishing personal photos on a public website like flickr. This stems from an experience with stalker while living in the U.K. some years ago. I will consider uploading scenic photos we have taken whilst on holidays and some photos of our pets.

In the classroom I can see the benefits of using photos from Flickr, especially for science lessons. Many photos relating to evolution and extinction could be found enabling students to "see" what I am teaching. This will help me to engage the students in the lesson content and there would be a student centred focus. The students will be able to find photos for presentations and assignments involving them in their learning and decision making. Using a photo from Flickr at the start of a lesson would provide a "hook" to engage students early on.


  1. Hi Emma,

    I created an account in Flickr today and found it to be a fantastic site for students to discover photos of all types. I believe it will be a great source for future "hooks" to engage the students. I feel it would be something I would use in the classroom to provide a variety of visual aids throughout different lessons.

    Kind regards
    Katrina Knight
    F/T Secondary

  2. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for your comment. After reading it I am trying to think of the type photo I can use in my lesson plans for my yr8 students this week. I will be looking around for one later today.


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