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Monday, April 12, 2010

Google Earth- where's my house?

Prior to investigating Google Earth in ICTs, I had explored this interesting technology with my family. Google Earth is an interactive resource that can be used by many. My first expereience was finding my house, but was disappointed the image was 5-6 years old- none of our neighbour's houses had been built! At first I thought Google Earth was like a "spy" and live all the time. Enabling us to see cars moving in the street, people walking along the strees etc, so I was a little disappointed (and relieved) when found that was not the case.

I did not realise Google Earth has so many functions/abilities and was surpirsed when I explored some of these. Having Google Earth available when studying Geography at school would have made the subject much more interesting and engaging.

For me, Google Earth may be of use when studying planets and the solar system in Yr8-10 Science classes but apart from that I do not think I will be using it for any other areas (Chemistry and Biology) of teaching. However, for Mathematics and SOSE, there are a number of applications and the learning could be student-centred.

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