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Photo courtesy of Flickr. Retreived 11th April 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Picnik- what a fanastic tool!!!

Modified photo using colours and sharpening

Original photo from the picnik website

Picnik- is a website where photos can be modified and I think it is a fantastic tool. When learning about the functionalities of picnik I was involved in student-centred learning. I learnt about picnik on the website and then actively explored ways of using this technology. Now I know how to do this, I am sure I will be spending many hours editing our family photos. I have attached an example of how you can change photos using picnik. The photo attached is a demo one from the picnik site and I simply changed the colours and sharpened the image.

I have spent some time looking at picnik and can see many uses for it in the classroom. Students will be able to edit photos, from Flickr and other sources, using picnik to create "new" images for assignments. This technology will be beneficial for students taking photos on field trips, as they can edit the photos later, adding information using arrows and labels. Schools often take students on science excursions and I feel this would be a very useful technology for these students to learn. They would feel like the owned the photo once they have made changes to it and feel a sense of achievement being able to present their final assignmment with labelled photos.

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