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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lynch’s Eight Learning Management Questions

It is suggested teachers ask themselves the following eight questions when they are preparing an activity for their learners-
1. What do my students already know? (ie establish what learner already knows)
2. Where does my learner need to be? (ie use the curriculum and DoL 2 to set goals)
3. How best does my learner learn? (ie different learning styles of my learner- visual, kinaesthetic, verbal, written)
4. What resources do I have at my disposal? (ie ICTs, human, books, articles etc)
5. What will constitute the learning journey? (ie an authentic task so students can work as a team producing a solution to a real problem)
6. Who will do what? (ie identify the leaders and who will aid in the learning journey- family, friends, business, industry etc)
7. How will I check to see if my learner has succeeded? (ie use formative and summative assessment with rubrics and feedback)
8. How will I inform the learner of their progress? (ie reporting of student’s learning experience- journals, portfolios etc)

Without asking these questions along with the Dimensions of Learning framework teachers will not be able to provide students with a meaningful learning experience.

Smith, R., Lynch, D. & Meinczakowski, . (2003). "The bachelor of learning management (BLM) in education capability", Change: Tranformations in Education, (6) (2): 23-37. Retrieved March 15, 2010 from

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