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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Problem based learning (PBL)

I have demonstrated problem based (PBL) learning in the GDLT course as I have been responsible for my own learning. It is an active form of learning where the learner takes ownership of their learning. PBL prepares students for their professional life after completing the course, for example learning the ability to problem solve and work in successful teams. It is closely linked to Kearsley and Shneiderman’s Engagement Theory minus the donate aspect. PBL involves a group of students being presented with a problem (authentic), have a group discussion (hypotheses), perform individual research and finally more group discussion (conclusions).

I have accepted the challenges in this course by taking risks and being involved with learning the new technologies. I have surprised myself by just how much I have learnt by engaging in all the activities. I am very proud of teaching myself all these technologies and discovering how I can use them in the classroom. I engaged myself with this course very early on- attedning the mahara information evening and participating in the online course information and activities through moodle. I have been responsible for my own learning and deciding when and how it will take place. I have seen great benefit in this form of learning and believe it will be effective way to teaching my learners.

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