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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Message Stick "Voices from the Cape"

I enjoyed watching Voices from the Cape and it made me understand the difficulties, teachers in the Cape, have teaching indigenous students. This is often due to their home life where they have little family support to encourage then to obtain an education. A group of media trainers were invited to Arukun to engage young people in new ways of learning. Some notes I made while watching the video are listed:
1. A different technique for teaching the students was used whereby they became engaged in their learning.
2. The media trainer greets the students with "Good morning" and asks them their names so he can learn them and give the student a sense of identity. He makes this humourous to gain their attention and "break the ice"
3. The children are encouraged to use their voice so they can express who they are and what their identity is
4. The children have 6 weeks to tell their stories (which come from within) and learn to use/operate camcorders to record their story
5. Their voices guide the learning process
6. In 6 weeks after the media trainers have left Arukun, these children will need to be able to teach others
7. Music is something they all know and used in a medium where they can get a sense of their own identity. More withdrawn students will tend to express themselves when music is used
8. Previously behaviour management was a large part of the lessons and the boys and girls were separated so they all remained on task
9. When children are engaged in drawing or animation they were busy for 20-30min.
10. The children became excited about the task and were enjoying school
11. The media trainers visited parents and elders about the program and explain language and culture are a part of the project. And the Western Education outcomes which will benefit
12. Groups are working together and communicating
13. Students are totally engaged in the classroom activities
14. The children are now attending school and enjoy this form of student-centred learning and using ICTs
15. This project empowered students to take control of their own lives

With these students then teaching others how to tell their story using a camcorder makes the task student-centred.

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